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Sacramento Drupal Developer, PHP Programmer and Web Developer

Thanks for visiting my site. I am a web developer with over 10 years of experience based in Sacramento, California. I created this site to not only highlight my web development and web application programming skills and experience, but to let you know a little about me personally and as a place to share a little piece of my life with my friends and family. I also plan on making this site a place to chronicle my more recent work with the Drupal Content Management system.

I am currently a full-time Drupal developer at University of California, Davis. Previously, I was the lead developer at Gold Country Media, a newspaper publishing company. Before that, I had my own web development consulting company, Sacramento Web Development.

I focus on solving business problems with the web sites that I build. If a site cannot make a client more money, improve customer service, reduce overhead, or streamline business processes there's really no reason to make an investment in it. I'm skilled at performing a thorough needs analysis and understanding all of the goals and requirements of your site before I ever start thinking about writing code. Of course, I can run through the alphabet soup of acronyms for all of the technologies I am able to work with, but that's a little boring.

So be sure to check back soon for some more exciting (hopefully) stuff!

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