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Pro tip: Kalatheme pane and region styles and child themes

If you are using Kalatheme and have created a child theme so you can provide your own overrides or custom bootstrap library you need to disable kalatheme in your appearance settings. This is most important if you are setting custom classes for pane a region styles in the Pane and Region Styles settings in your theme.
Because if you don't then all of your styles that you enter will be erased because the form gets loaded twice and the value from the kalatheme theme instead of your theme will load after you theme, effectively not setting the default value of the form to have your values. If you save your theme settings after this it will store the empty value of the form effectively erasing all of those key|value pairs you worked so hard to create!
Not sure of this is the case with other themes that implement custom theme settings, but it's certainly something to be on the lookout for and good reason for you to always disable the parent theme for your child theme as a best practice. It's totally ok to do this, as the parent theme does not need to be enabled in order for your child theme to work properly.

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